Animal Control — 479-839-2300
STREET/UTILITIES - 479-839-2342 Public Works Director Isaac Harderson 479-839-2342 Street/Utilities Superintendent 479-839-2342 Street/Utilities Supervisor Jerry Spillers 479-435-1628
WATER & WASTEWATER COMMITTEE Virgil Blackmon Duane Boyd Mark Gross Joe Toher
Local Utilities
AEP Swepco (Southwestern Electric) 1-888-216-3523 Arkansas Western Gas (SourceGas) 1-800-563-0012 Cable/Satellite Television - DISH Network 1-888-321-7209 Cox Cable 1-800-822-4433 Internet Service - DISH Internet 1-888-321-7209 Ozark Electric 479-521-2900 Trash-a-way 479-369-2685 P. O. Box 442, West Fork, AR 72774 Windstream Phone Company 1-800-501-1754 West Fork Water & Wastewater Utility 479-839-2342
WEST FORK RENEWABLE RESOURCE CENTER (RRC)  141 Campbell Loop Road  Director Lori Marsh The official name for the West Fork recycling center is the West Fork Renewable Resource Center (RRC). The center is located on Campbell Avenue north of City Hall across from the city shops. Hours of operation are Saturdays 9:00 a.m. until noon. Volunteers are needed every Saturday.  Contact Lori Marsh for more information on how you can help. The center accepts aluminum cans, green, clear, and brown glass, cardboard, chipboard, mixed paper (including magazines, junk mail, and phone books), newspaper, steel cans, and #1 & #2 plastic bottles. The West Fork Friends of the Library benefits from the Saturday morning book sale.
The RRC features a rain garden developed in cooperation with the Master Gardeners.
Rain garden at the West Fork Renewable Resource Center (RCC)
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