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West Fork Municipal Code

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Introductory Pages & Table of Contents - (8 pages, 29 kb) Title 1 - General Provisions (6 pages, 29 kb) Title 2 - Classification, Administration & Personnel (52 pages, 182 kb) Title 3 - Fiscal Affairs (2 pages, 20 kb) Title 4 - Business Licenses & Regulations ( 16 pages, 66 kb) Title 5 - Health & Sanitation (11 pages, 50 kb) Title 6 - Animals & Fowl (9 pages, 40 kb) Title 7 - Public Peace, Safety & Morals (39 pages, 132 kb) Title 8 - Vehicles & Traffic (6 pages, 30 kb) Title 9 - Streets & Sidewalks (3 pages, 22 kb) Title 10 - Utilities (12 pages, 53 kb) Title 11 - Buildings & Construction (19 pages, 79 kb) Title 12 - Parks & Recreation (6 pages, 33 kb) Title 13 - Planning (3 pages, 21 kb) Title 14 - Zoning (47 pages, 167 kb) Title 15 - Subdivisions Regulations (18 pages, 66 kb) Index (4 pages, 17 kb) Note: The pages listed on this Index correspond to the Municipal Code page numbers and not the .pdf page numbers. Please search for the section (by title number) you are seeking using this Index.
West Fork Municipal Code (Complete) As of August, 2011 (261 pages, 908 kb) Note: This complete version of the West Fork Municipal Code includes all of the above sections and Titles in one large document.
The Animal Control Ordinance is included in Title 6 (Animals & Fowl) of the Municipal Code. Animal Control 479-839-2300 Privacy Policy Contact Us on the White River The City of West Fork, Arkansas Home Community City Administration City Services/Utilities Police/Fire/Court Municipal Code/Animal Control
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Municipal Code/Animal Control