Welcome to the City of West Fork, Arkansas 

West Fork, nestled in the Ozark Mountains, is ten miles south of the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville, Arkansas, and a half-hour drive to the home offices of Wal- Mart and Tyson.  West Fork is nearby to popular destinations such as the Crystal Bridges Museum, Beaver Lake, Devil's Den State Park with hiking and biking trails, and the War Eagle Mill Arts and Crafts Fair.   West Fork was founded in the 1880s on the banks of the West Fork of the White River.  Founded by the timber industry, milling, and railroad commerce, our historic homes, parks, library, Farmers Market and community events preserve a small town feel in an area of rapid growth with a diverse and an expanding economy.  Our beautiful Ozark Mountain scenery, mild four seasons, one of the best school districts in Arkansas, and opportunities for employment, recreation and higher education, make West Fork "Where the Best Begins".
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For more information about the City of West Fork, call City Hall during normal business hours at 479-839-2342.

Mayor’s Message

Letter from the Mayor

2017 is off to a blistering pace in West Fork.  We have four city construction projects getting set to begin.  Our sewer rehabilitation project is nearing completion,  this is good news for the West Fork Acres subdivision as those residents will be getting a new street overlay that will also most surely increase property values.  We are expecting an update on the time frame for beginning our tie in to the Fayetteville sewer system very soon.  As I am sure you are aware we will be getting a new trash service in West Fork.  I would like to explain the process for which this decision was made by the City council.  The city contracts out our trash service in 5 year contracts, our contract with Trash-A-Way had expired, a new company approached the city concerning making a bid for our trash service.  As your representatives the Mayor and council were obligated to enter into a bidding process to facilitate the best service and price for the residents of West Fork.  After two City Council meetings and much debate and input from residents the Council voted to award our trash contract to Inland Waste on the basis of increased service options and reduced prices to our residents.  If you have any questions concerning the new trash service please contact City Administration @ 839-2342. In other business concerning the City we have had much talk and news about declining enrollment in the West Fork school system.  The growth of our city is very important to me, and as such I have begun to look at the city growth to see if it is following the same trend as the school system.  I have found that construction is continuing to grow albeit at a conservative pace.  We are averaging 8.2 new homes built per year inside the city limits, and we have full occupancy in the rental properties throughout the city. I am encouraged by the construction that we have currently taking place throughout the city in the form of new home construction as well as the sold signs I see located in the vacant lots of our subdivisions.  I am also encouraged by strong debate and public input at our Planning Commission and Economic Development meetings.  Mr. Karnes and the schoolboard are working hard to improve enrollment at the school and the city planners are eager to encourage development and growth in the city to help facilitate increased enrollment numbers. I ask that the residents stay positive and get involved as the City and School work towards the Future of our community. Mayor Heith Caudle
It is my sincere hope that you are noticing the growth happening in our city and that like me you are embracing the changes and progress West Fork is making. Some may not have heard that Dr. Linda Ford has retired and sold her Noah’s Ark veterinary practice to Dr. Bridger Smithers, while I will certainly miss Dr. Ford I hope she gets to enjoy her well-deserved retirement. If you haven’t met Dr. Smithers I encourage you to stop in, introduce yourself, and welcome he and his family to West Fork. As the weather has warmed I am increasingly excited by the buzz surrounding our four-way stop with the many patrons of the Why Not Café and the Sugar Shack.  Both new businesses are welcome additions to the city’s dining choices. The city is also starting to see increased home building taking place. Houses are going up in the Greystone subdivision and the planning commission just approved three new homes to be built on the hill behind Harp’s.  In other city business, the West Fork Acres sewer project and street overlay are beginning their final phases and should be complete very soon.  Parks Director Chad Harrison has our parks in quite possibly the best shape ever and is finalizing the plans for our 4th of July fireworks celebration. I want to give special thanks and you should also to interim police chief John Nelson for his decisive action with a potential threat that our and other cities recently faced.                                                                                                                                                      In closing I want to mention that we have vacancies on many committees, so I encourage everyone to get involved at some level of our City Government. I will steal JFK’s famous quote “Ask not what your city can do for you, but what you can do for your city.” Mayor, Heith Caudle